Project Manager – Dennis

“The customer called wanting a new roof – but upon inspection, I discovered he only needed a repair. His roof should last several more years.”

– Dennis

2016-09-15_10-37-06Dennis often receives calls from customers wanting a new roof, when a simple roof repair is what they actually need. He truly cares about all of his customers and is happy to help them save money!

Recently, he had a customer wanting a roof and siding estimate and upon inspection, he discovered old hail damage. “Once I noticed hail damage, I inspected all the other buildings on the property, too,” explains Dennis, “I met with their insurance company and they agreed to pay for 3 new roofs.” Because of Dennis’ hard work, this non-profit organization was able to save money and get 3 new roofs (pic of transformation below)! Dennis has helped so many customers over the years – even fighting and winning some difficult insurance claims for his customers!


His ExperienceDennis before & after

Dennis first got his start in the roofing industry at the age of 12 – working summers with his best friend (at his best friend’s father’s company). “I loved it from day one,” he remembers fondly, “Back then the shingles used to come in on a train’s boxcar and we would have to go into the box car and load them by hand. My best friend and I were very competitive, always trying to outdo the other! His dad really liked this of course!”

40 + years later, he is still in the roofing industry, and he still carries the same great work ethic and love for this industry. His experience and passion for roofing are evident in the work he does here.

We receive so many wonderful reviews from customers about their experience with Dennis – not only because he does such a great job, but because his genuine care and concern for each customer shines through!

  • Dennis has over 40 years of continued experience in the Roofing Industry
  • He is a certified CertainTeed Shingle Quality Specialist
  • Owens Corning Preferred Pride Member (These certifications are earned by taking classes offered by the manufacturers about their products. This gives Dennis extensive knowledge about the roofing products available so he can choose the best products to fit your needs!)


His Customer Reviews:2016-09-15_10-43-24

“After getting 2 other estimates, we were very impressed with the level of knowledge and experience Dennis had.”  – Barbara, Olathe, KS

“Dennis was very professional and went out of his way to answer questions.” – Robert, Olathe, KS

“I would like to recognize Dennis Dukes for his exceptional service. He did a great job. I was most satisfied with the professional demeanor of the main contact.” David C., Lenexa, KSDennis thank you Joe and Cherly no last name

“I was working at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church when you put a roof on the church & you gave them a great deal. I only got your estimate and went with you. I got a great roof from your company. Dennis was great.” Michael M., Grandview, MO

“Dennis Dukes my sales Rep was outstanding. I called him a couple of times and he was always available and helpful with any of my concerns. Fabulous teamwork by all.” Jennifer M., KCMO

“I was satisfied with everything. I recommended them to both my neighbors and now they have new roofs. Dennis did a fantastic job and was helpful. They cleaned my yard up as well.” Nancy K., Independence, MO 

“The details were great. Dennis came in and we talked about different shingles we could use. He made good suggestions and gave us references. We did go with the suggestions and it could not be a better-looking roof. Everyone was professional and timely. They helped me understand everything before it happened. They came in well below budget.” Francis L., KCMO

“The salesman and manager did a good job. They were friendly and courteous. They did the work in good time.” Curtis S., Sibley, MO 

“I was pleased with everything.” Rita D., Pleasant Hill, MO

“I like the fact my project manager gave me 3 options to choose from. I would recommend them.” Darold & Rhonda F., Warrensburg, MO 

“It was done very quickly. It was handled professionally.”  – Annie C., Belton, MO

“I can’t say enough good things about this whole experience,” Barbara S., KCMO

“Integrity Roofing is a great Christian company. They want to do what is right and they do a good job I highly recommend them and I will gladly speak to anyone they need me too.” – Joyce, Overland Park, KS

“The experience was wonderful from start to finish. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the staff and quality of the work! I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs roof or siding work!”Charles, Richmond, MO

“Friendly, professional, completed work quickly for the roofing. Not here when gutters were completed but very nice workmanship.” Don W., OPKS